The world’s native enterprise blockchain solution for the adult streams

We created a system, where everybody wins:

Advertisers get more visitors for their money,
Host sites get more money for their banners,
Visitors are rewarded for clicking on the ads.

Our project has established a payment method with consideration for the needs of our customers on every end, which offers:

Reliability, with 24/7 Support.

Overall, given the existing problems, our goal is to solve them in a brand new approach for everyone’s benefit.

We are developing an adult live streaming site where the performers only accept cryptocurrencies

Main advantages for members:

Multiple currencies accepted
Every supported cryptocurrency registered on our site can be used for payment.
Give more love to your performer
Our performers get 95% share from PRD, and 80% of using other cryptocurrencies, which is totally unique in the adult live cam industry.
No spending limits
You can spend as much as you like, on whatever content you like.
Web wallet integration
Use your web wallet balance for tipping, private shows or buying contents.
No one will know who is sending the PRDs, no embarrassing credit card history.
Instant transactions
Deposit and withdraw your coins anytime!

Main advantages for performers:

Highest share
Performers on our platform get more share than on any other live cam site in the industry. We give 95% from PRD and 80% from all other cryptocurrency payments.
Instant payouts after every single tips and private shows
Performers get the earned cryptocurrencies instantly to their webwallet and are able to withdraw anytime.
Regional blocking
The privacy of our performers is important for us, therefore models can block visitors from any countries.
Say goodbye to chargebacks
We use blockchain technology, which means transactions are irreversible and final.
Purchasable contents
Models can sell their media such as videos, photo albums, etc. in exchange for any crypto accepted on prdcams.
Simple cam score calculations
Detailed info will be available at the start of beta testing.

Why choose us?


Earn PRD for watching porn

We created a system where users get a share from advertisers' spending while watching adult content.


Stable ROI

Daily 576PRD distributed to masternodes -> ROI 210% annualy if 100 MN's online -> Stable price after exchange lising.


Innovative & unique solutions

Using the most advanced technologies, we founded different solutions for every layer of our custumers.


Quick and Easy Transactions

Using PRD, transactions are secure, seamless and of course, almost immediate, to satisfy all payment needs.


Borderless Payment

Our solution is fully global; so are the payments; pay much less for almost instant transactions across the world.


Innovative Protection

Currently, blockchain is considered to be the most secure money transfer technology available.


Smart Money

Being tired of having to carry all the cards on you is a common problem nowdays. Forget it. Pay online, instantly.


Secure Wallet

Thanks to blockchain technology, we have created a wallet, that is risk and exploit free, for keeping your money safe.


PoS, Masternodes

Proof of Stake and Masternodes are available for a constant and comfortable daily income.

ParadiseCoin Specifications

A few information about our project

Name / Ticker Algorythm Zerocoin protocol Block time
ParadiseCoin / PRD Quark (PoS/MN) Yes 60sec
Maximum supply MN/PoS Rewards Masternode collateral Block reward
~180 000 0.4 PRD/0.1 PRD 1000 PRD 0,5 PRD
Total supply Maturity time for staking Active masternodes Premine
21 000 000 20 blocks 22 152 000 (0.72%)


Frequently Asked Questions

PRDCore is a solution for the adult industry that solves various problems related to the advertising scene. ParadiseCoin is a form of digital online money using blockchain technology that can be easily used as a payment method of the global PRDcore system.
Our system creates a unique possibility for Visitors of our partner sites to get rewarded for watching different types of content. Advertisers pay much less to get the same amount of visitors compared to our competitors, and Host sites get 3x more revenue for their banner spaces by using our PRDCore API.
PRD has no central authority or bank. You don’t need to trust third-parties to keep your coins safe. Transaction fees of PRD are nearly non-existent, with market leading security & privacy. We have implemented ZeroCoin, which is a protocol that does what Bitcoin can not; it provides full privacy to the users of ParadiseCoin.
ParadiseCoin is available for purchse on this site only, through the presale (ends on 14/10/2018). After the presale, PRD will be listed on exchanges.
By distributing the new coins slower, we will avoid quick dump after exchange listing. A total of 576 coins are generated daily which is divided between masternodes. It means, if 100 masternodes are online, the daily reward will be around 5.76 PRD/MN (with a ROI of 173 days, annualy 210%).
ZeroCoin was one of the most cited cryptography papers in the last 3 years, with over 200 citations. The cryptography principles behind ZeroCoin are well-understood and battle-tested. ZeroCoin uses zero-knowledge proofs to ensure that zero information is leaked about the senders and receivers of ZeroCoin.
Please refer to this Masternode setup guide.
Please use our Discord to ask any questions!